$250 Extraction Special*

*Limitations May Apply.

At Contemporary Family Dentistry in Newcastle, OK, your health is our priority. If you have a tooth that is bothering you, it’s important that you visit us for an examination; the problem tooth may need a filling, root canal, or extraction. We realize no one wants to hear they need their tooth removed, but we assure you that this will be done for your health and benefit if absolutely necessary. 

Our team may recommend tooth extractions in cases of severe tooth damage, severe decay, or wisdom tooth impaction. To determine if this applies to your situation, visit us for an exam and x-ray; to make these services more affordable, we are offering an exam, x-ray, and extraction under the bundled low price of $250! Call today!

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What Others Are Saying

“Staff is awesome. I never feel any pain and they are doing a lot of work on my teeth. My dentist continually asks if I’m okay during procedure. Nitrous is the way to go. They will also work with you on financing. Best and nicest dentist I have ever had.”
Patricia B., Google
“After I was numbed for my dental implant, I had no pain. I was so glad that it did not hurt the next day. It was a pleasant surprise to have had good anesthesia during the produce & no pain afterwards. Thanks for the great care.”
Sue W., Yelp