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It is very common to experience fear or anxiety when visiting your dentist. These fears come to many patients, but you don’t have to stress through every appointment. Sedation dentistry can help you relax at any visit or throughout any treatment. Finally, you can care for your smile with the help of sedation. We offer oral sedation and nitrous sedation. If you are interested in sedation dentistry in New Castle, OK, call us today to set up a free consultation! Your dentist can help you determine the best sedation options.

A – Oral sedation is taken in pill form. Within minutes it will begin to take effect and you will begin to feel relaxed and at ease. The oral sedation will take some time to wear off, so a driver is recommended to accompany you for your appointment.

A – Nitrous sedation, also referred to as laughing gas, is given through a face mask that is placed over your nose. This sedation takes effect almost immediately. Once the mask is removed, the sedation will wear away within 5 minutes and you can go about your day without any lasting effects.

A – Yes, you will be conscious but will not be bothered by surrounding sounds or smells. This helps you to feel completely relaxed. If needed, you can still respond to the dentist at any time. You may remember little to nothing about your appointment when it is over.

A – The best way to determine the right type of sedation is by visiting your dentist for a sedation consultation. Your dentist will go over your options and help you figure out which sedation will best suit your needs.

A – Yes! Many patients have testified that it has completely changed the way they view their dental appointments, knowing they can go through any appointment relaxed and comfortable.


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What Others Are Saying

“Staff is awesome. I never feel any pain and they are doing a lot of work on my teeth. My dentist continually asks if I’m okay during procedure. Nitrous is the way to go. They will also work with you on financing. Best and nicest dentist I have ever had.”
Patricia B., Google
“After I was numbed for my dental implant, I had no pain. I was so glad that it did not hurt the next day. It was a pleasant surprise to have had good anesthesia during the produce & no pain afterwards. Thanks for the great care.”
Sue W., Yelp