There are a number of reasons a tooth extraction may be recommended. Ultimately, your dentist wants to preserve your smile and will do whatever he can to preserve your permanent teeth and help them last a lifetime. But sometimes circumstances will come about where the rest of your smile may suffer if a tooth is not removed. If an extraction is needed, sedation dentistry can make your appointment relaxing and painless. Your dentist will ensure you are sedated and comfortable before carefully removing your tooth.

One reason an extraction may be necessary is advanced infection or decay. A severely infected or damaged tooth can cause harm to surrounding teeth. The infection could spread, leading to many other problems in multiple teeth. If a decaying tooth is severe, a crown may be able to be placed over the tooth to preserve it or an extraction may be needed. Getting an extraction could ultimately save the rest of your smile from damage or decay.

Wisdom teeth oftentimes have to be extracted due to little space for them to grow, impacted teeth or other issues. Your dentist can let you know if you have room for wisdom teeth and recommend the necessary treatment for wisdom teeth that need attention.

Your dentist can go over options for replacing a tooth if extraction is necessary. Crowns, dental implants and other options are available to restore your smile. A missing tooth left untreated could cause surrounding teeth to shift out of place, lead to bone loss and make eating difficult or uncomfortable.

If you are in need of an extraction in Newcastle, OK, call us to schedule a consultation. Your dentist will evaluate your teeth, give you a careful diagnosis and recommend treatment. Don’t put off caring for your smile. Call us today!